Friday, January 12, 2018

Out Now with Aaron and Abe Podcast: Top Ten of 2017

This week’s Out Now with Aaron and Abe ends 2017 properly by going over the best it had to offer at the movies. Aaron and Abe are joined by Brandon Peters and me to go through everyone’s Top Ten Films of 2017. By everyone, that means the group also delves into the various lists of friends of the show, guests and listeners, as well as their own. There’s also discussion of how these lists were assembled, runner-ups, what to look forward to in 2018, and more. Among topics covered, we have a fun round of Know Everybody (3:48), the Top Ten (12:50), runner-ups (2:14:48), and a look at what’s coming soon (2:17:10). We then wrap things up (2:22:27) and end on some bloopers (2:32:48), following this week's closeout song. So now, if you’ve got an hour or so to kill…

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