Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The MovieFilm Podcast: More Hollywood Scandals!

It’s a big week of big headlines for the MovieFilm Podcast! First, we discuss the shocking revelations about comedian Louis C.K. that rocked the industry last week, as well as the continued fallout from Kevin Spacey’s abuse scandal. After that, we talk up Amazon’s big Lord of the Rings TV plans, Current Batman Ben Affleck’s will-he/won’t-he flirtation with continuing to play the Dark Knight after Justice League, and more! Plus: the latest news out of the Star Wars universe, as director Rian Johnson makes plans for an entirely different trilogy set in the galaxy far, far away, and word that Disney is planning a Star Wars TV offering exclusively for their recently-announced streaming service. All that, plus Listener Letters, and Trailer Talk, and all the fun and banter you’ve come to expect. Be sure to check back later this week for our special “All Justice League” review show! As always, stream it below, or listen via iTunes or Stitcher. And please make sure to hit “like” on our Facebook page and let us know how we’re doing by writing a review!

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