Sunday, September 17, 2017

One Day on the Set of Attack of the Clones...

I look at Jimmy Smits' face in the above shot from Star Wars: Episode II, and for some reason this is how I picture his discussion with George Lucas while filming.

(Inspired by a conversation with my podcast partner Brian Hall)

"Jimmy, I need you to be upset."

"How upset am I, George?"

"Like, upset, but not too upset."


"More like sad."

"Sad about what, George?"

"About what you're seeing."

"What am I seeing, George?"

"Uhh...stormtroopers. And Star Destroyers."


"But not really stormtroopers and Star Destroyers, because this is twenty years before--"

"What if I do this, George?"
(lightly taps fist on ledge)

"That's great, Jimmy. Do that."

"Sounds good, George."

"Oh, and Jimmy?"

"Yes, George?"

"This time faster and more intense."


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