Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Recommended Reading

Josh Marshall makes a pretty important observation about the impending Senate showdown over President Trump's SCOTUS nominee, which will very likely prompt a Democratic filibuster and, in turn, an invocation by Mitch McConnell of the so-called "nuclear option" getting rid of the supermajority requirement for the Supreme Court:
Mitch McConnell's historically unprecedented and constitutionally illegitimate decision to block President Obama from nominating anyone a year before he left office was the real nuclear option. The rest is simply fallout.
There's much more at the link, but the key point is that we didn't just suddenly end up here. This is the inevitable result of a path that Republicans chose to place the country on. As such, it's worth understanding the real crux of the story rather than being taken in by a media narrative that Democrats are sacrificing Senate norms to the altar of naked partisanship.

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