Sunday, April 02, 2017

Nostalgia Theater: The Stars Are Back on NBC!

It's a ritual we've become accustomed to every season. As the TV networks go through the process of rolling out their fall wares, there's inevitably a new campaign they construct the season around. Back in 1993 the big push by NBC was "The Stars Are Back!" to highlight not only the many popular shows the Peacock Network had in their back pocket, but all the big name stars that were returning to the network.

In terms of "popular shows" we had stuff like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Wings, Blossom, and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. And as far as "returning favorites," viewers in 1993 could look forward to John Larroquette (debuting his eponymous sitcom), Bill Cosby (starring in The Cosby Mysteries), and Kelsey Grammer (in the process of transitioning from Cheers to Frasier -- whatever happened to that show?).

In order to get the word out about what viewers could expect in the '93/'94 season, NBC cut together this Video Toaster-heavy promo reel putting stars, shows, and damned catchy jingle all on front street. Now, I was in eighth grade when this was in heavy rotation, so naturally the nostalgia is strong in this one. As you watch the vid below, see how many of the shows and stars you can even remember:

One Year Ago in Nostalgia Theater: The Brady Kids Come to Animation

Two Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: John Candy's Camp Candy!

Three Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: Chip 'n' Dale to the Rescue!

Four Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: The Lost Land of the Lost

Five Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: Police Academy Gets Animated

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