Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nostalgia Theater: Filmation's The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

Last week's post about Tom & Jerry Kids on Fox Kids got me thinking about another cartoon series chronicling the comedic cat and mouse team that debuted exactly ten years earlier on CBS: Filmation's The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. As we've discussed quite often previously, Filmation was king of kidvid in this era, and so it was an easy sell for MGM to license the dueling duo for a brand-new animated show that would actually be their second made-for-TV series (we'll talk about the first some other time). Check out the intro:

As you can tell, this one was bedeviled by the usual problems that came from being a Filmation show, primarily extremely limited animation and a repetitious, monotonous music track. Each half-hour installment included two seven-minute Tom & Jerry shorts and a seven-minute Droopy segment in the middle, but thanks to the Filmation house style they had neither the frantic pace or comic style that made the original theatrical shorts so memorable.

As such, it's not hard to see why there were only fifteen episodes produced over the course of its two season run. Filmation's Tom and Jerry cartoons still show up in syndication occasionally as part of a package with previous shorts, and they usually stick out for how bad they are. If you don't believe me, watch one of the Droopy segments below, and marvel at what a long, far fall it is from the iconic Tex Avery-MGM version of the same character:

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