Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nostalgia Theater: After These Messages...

My wife just went into labor, so no time for a full Nostalgia Theater this week as we pack up and head to the hospital to welcome our little girl into the world. But rather than leave you completely in the cold, I figured I'd gift you with some vintage TV commercials from CBS Saturday morning circa 1988 that someone was gracious enough to not only preserve, but upload, and man, these should really get the ol' nostalgic juices flowing if you're anything like me (seriously, remember Bubbl-Eez?). Enjoy, and I'll see you next week!

One Year Ago in Nostalgia Theater: The Horrible Justice League TV Pilot

Two Year Ago in Nostalgia Theater: The Bradys -- A Bunch of Crap

Three Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: Earth: Final Conflict -- Clearing Gene Roddenbery's Table Scraps

Four Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: Kenner's Jurassic Park -- Merchandise 65 Million Years in the Making

Five Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: Captain Planet -- Ted Turner's Treehugger Hero With A Mullet

Six Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: Perfect Strangers Edition

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