Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Recommended Reading

With the Republicans' running the electoral tables one month ago, the opportunity to follow on their long-in-the-pipeline promise to uproot the Affordable Care Act is finally within reach. Of course, there's a difference between campaigning and legislating. The real world consequences of doing away with the ACA just like that means 20 million people benefiting from the law potentially losing their coverage. Clearly this is something that the anti-Obamacare cadre in congress needs to think through beyond bumper sticker slogans. Steve Benen at MSNBC lays out the promises they've made, and the problems ahead:
...while I certainly wish Republicans the best of luck in their endeavor, I’m afraid they’ll soon discover what should be obvious: there is no way to keep these promises. If they repeal the Affordable Care Act, and look for a conservative alternative plan that meets all of the tenets Paul Ryan has now presented, they will fail. If such a policy could exist, GOP officials would’ve come up with it a long time ago.
Read the rest from Benen here.

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