Friday, November 18, 2016

HIGHLY Recommended Reading

From David Remnick at The New Yorker comes an absolute must-read piece examining the lead-up to and aftermath of last week's election from the perspective of the man who's job was being vied for, President Obama.

Offering a remarkably candid and insightful window into the now-lame duck's state-of-mind, you'll welcome his thoughts, but I guarantee you'll also find yourself missing him already as you read it. Here's one highlight from many, as Remnick probes the prez on his Oval Office meeting with the President-elect:
"...when I asked Obama how things had really gone [with Trump], he smiled thinly and said, 'I think I can’t characterize it without...' Then he stopped himself and said that he would tell me, 'at some point over a beer—off the record.'"
Oh, to be seated at the bar when that conversation happens. Anyway, check out the rest here. And seriously, read all of it.

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