Sunday, October 09, 2016

They Knew.

Friday's release of Donald Trump's deeply unsettling comments about women on a hot mic while filming a puff piece for Access Hollywood eleven years ago have proved a bridge too far for many in the establishment GOP, who took the opportunity to cut bait as quickly as they could. But given what Trump has said and done from literally day one of his campaign, why this? Why now? Is it any shock that he turned out to be exactly the person he's presented himself as. Here's Jeffrey Young at HuffPost:
Your condemnations are and have always been empty. Your sudden rush to abandon Trump ― after what’s merely the most recently uncovered manifestation of his hatred for women ― is motivated by the same venal cowardice that led you to support him in the first place.  
You knew Hillary Clinton isn’t the monstrous caricature you spent decades depicting. You knew she is ― like each and every one of you ― an ordinary politician, in all the ways that word has positive and negative connotations. You knew she would govern in a perfectly normal way.  
You knew this, but you told voters she was more dangerous than Trump. More evil. A greater threat to the republic. And this, after so many of you spent the presidential primary campaign warning the U.S. that Trump is exactly who he appears to be. But you fell in line. You knew, and you endorsed him anyway.
Yep. Read the rest here.

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