Sunday, October 16, 2016

SNL Prompts Trump Tantrum

Demonstrating once again that reservoir of detachment and cool reserve that's served him so well during his presidential run, a riled-up Donald Trump once again broke free of his handlers and took to his Twitter account late last night to lambast another new source of ire in his ongoing victimization campaign.

This time the target was Saturday Night Live, which did its usual number on last Sunday's debate. Despite the fact that they didn't really do anything different than before, with Alec Baldwin's Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton duking it out for the best laugh lines, it was a bridge too far for the Donald:

Bear in mind, this is the same show that the guy hosted less than a year ago. Presumably it wasn't unfunny or in need of cancellation then. Anyway, what's the sketch that so irked the Orange One? Check it out below. What's funny about this, by the way, is by pitching a fit about how SNL is portraying him as opposed to just taking the joke, he's virtually guaranteed that this story will have several days worth of oxygen added to its lifespan.

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