Wednesday, October 05, 2016

My Veep Debate Live-Tweets

Last night's throwdown between presidential backbenchers Mike Pence and Tim Kaine was as electric as we'd expected -- that is to say, not very much. Then again, maybe we've just gotten conditioned to expect chair-throwing after the antics of the first presidential debate last week. While I think Pence won it on poise and by threading that needle of "not sounding crazy while saying crazy things," Kaine set out with the mission of highlighting and re-litigating Donald Trump's controversies, and he accomplished that with the seeming acquiescence of Trump's VP, who largely stepped out of the way rather than attempt to defend the guy at the top of the ticket.

Can't say I blame him, given that he's probably doing a little bit of political calculus of his own. Regardless, what follows are my thoughts as they unfolded in real time while watching. Enjoy:

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