Friday, August 12, 2016

Recommended Reading

My good friend and fellow Geek Wisdom author Eric San Juan has a piece up at his site where he really takes a frying pan to the whole Donald Trump mystique, and it's quite a masterful deconstruction that really needs to be seen. Here's a highlight:
Tragically, Trump doesn’t even need to be elected to do damage to this country. He already has. His rhetoric has already helped poison the well (and it’s not the first time over the years he’s been accused of that). He has made bigots comfortable with being bigots again for the first time in decades. Bigotry and racism never died, of course — if you think black Americans don’t live by a different set of rules in this country, you’d give Helen Keller a run for her money — but at least we had reached a point where we all agreed that it was shameful to be a racist. Bigots were encouraged to shut their damn mouths, their poison shared only in private or with knowing glances and nods. Yet now, Trump is making bigotry mainstream again. The damage is done and it’s getting worse by the day.
There's much, much more over at Eric's site, and I highly recommend jumping over there and giving it all a read.

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