Sunday, August 14, 2016

Nostalgia Theater: Adderly's Miscellanous Affairs

Adderly is one of those shows that's managed to remain lodged in my memory despite the fact that it's rather stubbornly unmemorable. One of the outgrowths of spending ten years of my childhood in Saudi Arabia was watching pretty much whatever they chose to show on Saudi TV (this was before satellite TV became a fixture in the Kingdom). And so we'd end up getting a lot of short-lived oddities that were otherwise forgotten stateside, and one of those selfsame oddities was this Canadian-produced espionage series which I have no idea why I still remember.

The title character, played by the late Winston Rekert, is a lifelong government agent who's reassigned to "Miscellaneous Affairs" after an incident where a baddie disables his right hand with an old-timey mace. Of course, Adderly being a go-to Canadian man of action, a bum hand and desk duty aren't enough to keep him out of trouble, and so it went for forty-four episodes between 1986 and 1988. Although produced in Canada, Adderly aired in the US on CBS during the late night slot that would later be occupied by David Letterman.

Like I said, almost entirely unmemorable, but I kinda dug the theme music. Watch the first episode below:

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