Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ghostbusters‬ Sequel "On Ice"?

I liked the Ghostbusters reboot from Sony and director Paul Feig well enough when it hit theaters in July, and while I fully expected that it would do just fine in the long rung, guess I was in the minority. Based on how the tale of the box office tape ended up, the movie -- which spent more than two decades in development hell -- has failed to meet its $145 production budget, and the projected global total of $225 million falling well short of the $300 mil that would have signaled a break-even for the spook spectacle. Presumably this means all the high-falutin' sequel and shared universe talk from Sony before the movie even came out will all be for naught, adding the new Ghostbusters to the same "promised sequels" pile that Superman Returns and Green Lantern are currently occupying. Check out this piece at The Hollywood Reporter that lays out all the nasty math.

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