Saturday, June 18, 2016

They Will Remember

Timothy Egan at the New York Times takes stock of the sobering historical junction we find ourselves at, staring down the barrel of a presidential candidate who presents an existential thread to this country and her history. As he says, future generations will look back this moment and judge us for the decisions we make.
They will hang their heads in sorrow at the time when the man leading the party of Lincoln suggested that a sitting president was a traitor, somehow sympathetic to Islamic nihilists who slaughter innocent Americans. Trump implied it. Then he banned a newspaper for its headline about it. 
He wasn’t finished, this 70-year-old with the temperament of a 7-year-old. He made no rousing call for unity and courage, no plea for a partisan pause. He said the president must resign, as if it wasn’t an assault rifle easily obtained by a New York-born fanatic that killed 49 people, but the American commander in chief.
It's a sobering litany, to be sure, and there's even more at the link.

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