Thursday, June 30, 2016

Recommended Reading

Matt Taibbi has his own piece up responding to that Atlantic article by Jonathan Rauch I linked to a week ago, in which Taibbi takes issue with the contention that democracy itself is the problem with our politics as opposed to the actors inhabiting it. Says he:
Donald Trump is dangerous because as president, he'd likely have little respect for law. But a gang of people whose metaphor for society is "We are the white cells, voters are the disease" is comparably scary in its own banal, less click-generating way.  
These self-congratulating congoscenti could have looked at the events of the last year and wondered why people were so angry with them, and what they could do to make government work better for the population.  
Instead, their first instinct is to dismiss voter concerns as baseless, neurotic bigotry and to assume that the solution is to give Washington bureaucrats even more leeway to blow off the public. In the absurdist comedy that is American political life, this is the ultimate anti-solution to the unrest of the last year, the mathematically perfect wrong ending.
Read the rest from Taibbi here.

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