Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nostalgia Theater: TV's Fantastic Voyage!

Fantastic Voyage began its life as 1966 science-fiction feature directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Stephen Boyd & Raquel Welch. The film, which boasted a novelization written by none other than Isaac Asimov, follows a team of experts who are shrunk to microscopic size along with a space age submarine called the Proteus and injected into the body of a comatose scientist to repair damage to his brain from the inside. The kitschy premise was enough to make the film a medium-sized hit when it was released. Here's the trailer, by the way:

Two years after the movie was released, animation house Filmation spun it into fodder for a Saturday morning animated series (having done the same with another Fox film, Journey to the Center of the Earth, in fall of '67). For the animated show, rather than having a team journey through a different person's body every week, the premise was altered to have agents engage in various acts of international espionage while shrunk down in size (their ship on the show was called the Voyager). Check out the intro:

Combined Miniature Defense Force. Kind of a mouthful, right? And you gotta love the team members. Guru! Busby Birdwell!

The animated Fantastic Voyage premiered on ABC in September of 1968, and ran for seventeen episodes (the same number as Journey to the Center of the Earth) before finishing in January of the following year. The show pretty much disappeared from the airwaves after its initial run, though it did pop up on Sci-Fi Channel during that net's early years. I happened to watch it during the early '80s when they showed episodes on Saudi TV. Although no home video release has happened for the show, but if rumors of a movie remake ever pan out, I expect that'll be thing that makes it happen.

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