Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nostalgia Theater: Beverly Hills Teens (or White Privilege: The Series)

Here's an '80s artifact that just feels tone deaf and odd when viewed with thirty years of hindsight. Beverly Hills Teens arrived in syndication in September of 1987 as an ostensible family friendly antidote to all the "good guy vs. bad guy" violence other kids shows like G.I. Joe and He-Man were propagating during that bygone era of magical, toy-fueled kidvid. After all, why export good old-fashioned jingoism to the world when you could just as easily broadcast a universal message of glorious, glorious USA-style decadence. And who better to animate this thing than noted crap factory DiC? Here, watch:

As promised by the title, the show had a bunch of spoiled-rotten teenagers dealing with their hard knock lives in, y'know, Beverly Hills, CA. Riveting stuff, believe me. Bear in mind also that this was three whole years before 90210, so one might say Beverly Hills Teens was a trailblazer. One might. Anyway, Beverly Hills Teens was picked up for a sixty-five episode season by local networks that were probably far more optimistic about its prospects than they should've been, and by December of '87 it was already done and gone. Guess even white privilege can't stave off cancellation.

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