Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hana Ali on the Champ: "My Father Knew Islam is About Peace"

The late, great Muhammad Ali's daughter, Hana Yasmeen Ali, remembers her father and offers what she thinks his likely response would have been to the Orlando shooting tragedy:
Our father would be profoundly saddened and disappointed by the cowardice and heartless displays of inhumanity shown by the so-called Muslim gunman who took the lives of so many innocent people in the name of a religion which has as its very meaning: peace. 
As much as my father loved his faith, he raised us to respect all religions and all people and to judge no one. He taught us that no man has the knowledge and understanding God has, and he often quoted one of his favorite Islamic sayings when teaching us this spiritual lesson. "If all the oceans were ink and all of the trees were pens, it still would not be enough to write the knowledge of God."
Read the rest from Hana here.

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