Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here's the Second Ghostbusters Trailer

As the release date for director Paul Feig's all-female Ghostbusters remake gets closer each day and the existence of said film becomes harder to ignore, we've seen an explosion in the last week or so of the man-baby portion of the Internet that can't abide the thing they loved being different from the way they loved it. I don't really have time for folks like this guy, but I will say that while I didn't think the first trailer was bad, it also didn't really knock my socks off.

It felt like a functional bit of franchise management (which is pretty much what this movie is, anyway). This second trailer gives us some funny bits in addition to the usual bustin' business, and really my only concern is that they not give away all the best jokes in the trailer. I like Kristen Wiig, and while I know she's not everyone's favorite, Leslie Jones is cracking me up in everything I've seen from this. Watch the trailer below, and look for Ghostbusters (starring all women! Aaaargh!) in theaters this July:

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