Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recommended Reading

If you're like me, you're getting pretty sick and tired of how long the Democratic primary is dragging on. Not because there aren't important issues to be discussed and worked out between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but because of how annoying it's getting to deal with their respective supporters on social media, which is making it seem like this is the most bitter, hard-fought election since, well, Clinton and Obama, I guess. Regardless, maybe it's just me being eight years older, but I'm pretty worn down by it all. Here's New York Magazine's Jesse Singal, echoing what I'm feeling:
What makes me desperate for the sporks is the extent to which many people engaging in online arguments on both sides of the Democratic primary turn into nasty, bullying blowhards incapable of seeing their ideological opponents’ basic humanity. To Bernie fans, Hillary supporters’ only policy goal is to have Wall Street bankers run thousands of drone missions geared at wiping out distant orphans. To Hillary supporters, Bernie fans are motivated only by misogyny and the sort of revolutionary politics that would get you laughed out of even a stoned-freshmen dorm-room debate about politics.
Read on for more from Singal, specifically on why, despite what it might seem like online, there aren't as many differences between Clinton and Sanders supporters as we might think.

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