Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jason Bourne is Back

The last time Matt Damon was kicking butt and taking names as Robert Ludlum's literary superspy Jason Bourne was in 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum, and while that film bolstered Universal's bottom line, it put enough of a bow around Bourne's amnesiac storyline that Damon felt it was a good place to walk away with his boots on. Of course, in the interim the studio tried 2012's Damon-less The Bourne Legacy, to mixed results, and Damon himself had mixed success parlaying his Bourne visibility over to other roles.

Thus, after many years of back-and-forth negotiations between parties, we end up with this July's Jason Bourne, which brings back Damon as well as director Paul Greengrass, and which just had its first trailer released last night. Coming nine years after the trilogy-capper, this installment is being called more of an epilogue than a bold new beginning, and while it kind of looks like more of the same with this franchise, that's not necessarily a bad thing given how much goodwill the Bourne brand -- with Damon -- still carries. Check it out below:

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