Friday, April 22, 2016

Am I Actually Excited For Independence Day 2?

When I first heard they were doing a sequel to 1996's mega-hit Independence Day, I chuckled at the hubris of digging up an IP that came and went three presidential administrations ago (no matter how much I loved the thing when it first came out). But still, either because of the comfortable gauze of nostalgia, or the damn good marketing campaign from Twentieth Century Fox, I've just been consistently impressed and ever more anticipatory with each new bit of footage we're seeing from the Roland Emmerich-directed sequel.

As you know, Independence Day: Resurgence brings Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum ("They like to get the landmarks") back for alien-busting duties (though there's a big Will Smith-sized hole in the roster that I'm not sure Liam Hemsworth is the guy to fill). I liked the teaser from a few months ago, and this latest trailer does a pretty freakin' great job of selling the scale and stakes without giving away too much of the story. Check it out below and tell me if I'm nuts for being stoked for this.

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