Monday, March 14, 2016

"Someone Will Die"

After the events of last Friday, with a Donald Trump rally canceled over security concerns, and a further coarsening of feelings both for and against the candidate, Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo believes things are headed in a very grim direction:
What we have seen over the last two weeks isn't just an escalation of chaos and low level violence but a progressive normalization of unacceptable behavior - more racist verbal attacks, more violence. This is in turn clearly attracting more people who want trouble - on both sides. If you're an angry racist who wants to act out on his anger, can you imagine any better place to go than a Trump rally? If you hate Trump, his supporters and all he stands for and want to get physical about it, where best to go?
Marshall goes on to clarify that he's not implying an equivalence on both sides of this divide, but the point he raises is a cogent one. Sometimes rhetoric and passion get so overheated that they can take things in a direction no one wants. It sure feels like that's happening right now. Read the rest here.

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