Thursday, March 03, 2016

Breaking the China

In today's installment of "Republicans Eating Their Own," 2012's GOP standard-bearer Mitt Romney unleashed a volley against 2016 frontrunner Donald Trump today, excoriating the millionaire (whose endorsement he actively sought during his election bid, let's not forget) for the potential ways he could disastrously impact the national and global economy should be get elected.

This is pretty tough talk when you consider that, if Trump is indeed the nominee, one presumes that the power brokers will be expected to coalesce around him. One almost wonders if some of these folks are secretly determining that a Hillary Clinton presidency is preferable to the alternative. Josh Marshall has some more thoughts:
There's no way to unsay any of this. He's lashed himself to one trajectory for this campaign. And there's no going back. Remember, Mitt Romney the GOP's last nominee for President. Can you imagine pro-Hillary SuperPACs running these passages in ads in October? You don't have to. I guarantee you it's already being planned.
Very interesting the way things are moving right now. Read the rest here.

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