Saturday, February 27, 2016

Recommended Reading

With the tides of inevitability starting to swirl around Donald Trump as he ascends to the top of the dungheap that passes for the Republican presidential field, the so-called "establishment" wing of the GOP is in full-blown panic mode as they see the sudden, real possibility of the Frankenstein monster of resentment and belligerence that they've spent the past several decades creating in the lab coming to life and deposing them.

While there is sort of a car wreck fascination to this whole thing, on an entirely separate level, it's freakin' terrifying given the real stakes that are in play. To get a sense of the battle lines being drawn on the way to the Republican convention, with veteran slime-slingers like Karl Rove shocked -- shocked! -- at their own tactics being used against them, give a look at this in-depth piece over at the New York Times (a paper that, if a President Trump had his way, wouldn't be around much longer).

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