Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hollywood and the Stories That Desperately Need to Be Told

Note: What follows is part of a series appearing over at Patheos asking, "Has Hollywood Become Our National Conscience?", which I was honored to be asked to submit a piece for. You can find my contribution below, and please also check out the rest of the essays as well.

"September 11th changed everything."

When exploring the notion of Hollywood becoming our national conscience, I can't help but find my memory drawn back to that fateful fall morning some fifteen years ago. It was a phrase we first heard in the immediate aftermath of that day's horrific events, and in the years and months since it has been tossed out by both electioneering politicos and partisan pundits with such regularity and nonchalance that it has lost much of its initial meaning.

"September 11th changed everything."

And yet, in many ways, it didn't.

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