Friday, January 29, 2016

Recommended Reading

Salon's Steve Almond on what the Fox News/Donald Trump fissure that saw the nutbar billionaire pull out of last night's Republian debate tells us about Rupert Murdoch's propaganda arm: turns out that Fox News, like the party whose bidding it does, has never been about conservatism. Not deep down. What the network does is use ideology as a Trojan horse. The real product, all along (and as with the GOP) has been emotion. They retail hate and resentment and grievance.  
Every day, they tell mostly older, white, culturally dislocated Americans who they should be angry at, and who they should fear. And because they do it so well, they make hundreds of millions of dollars.  
Up until Trump came along, they were the best in the business. There was no politician who could stand up to them.
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