Friday, January 15, 2016

Recommended Reading

After last night's circus of a Republican debate, wherein the majority of the field stood in mute obeisance to the Trump v. Cruz throwdown, Jonathan Chait asks whether the GOP has simply thrown in the towel as far as seriously trying to knock down the Trump candidacy:
Republicans have decided to start treating him as a regular candidate and a member of their party in good standing, rather than an impostor who has hijacked it on a lark. He faced the same softball questions as everybody else, with no follow-ups. (Would you put your business in a blind trust if elected? Trump: Oh, yeah, I’d let my kids run it. In other words, no.)
As Chait goes on to say, the corollary to this is that a growing number of Republican-leaning voters are becoming okay with the notion of the Donald being their standard-bearer come November. Could we actually be heading toward a Trump nomination? Yikes, it's sure starting to look that way.

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