Wednesday, January 06, 2016

It's Over John. No, Seriously.

A year ago yesterday I linked to a Variety article announcing Rambo: Last Blood, the fifth film in the blood-drenched action series. The piece proclaimed Sylvester Stallone that was getting ready to suit up (or suit down, I guess) once again as his iconic '80s characters (not to be confused with his iconic '70s character, who he was also getting ready to reprise at time). You may recall that was itself a turnaround from his previous statement that he was done-done-done playing Rambo.

Well, in the wake of Creed's overwhelming critical acceptance, and the hosannahs that Stallone is rightly drawing for his poignant portrayal of an aging Rocky Balboa, he's decided that enough really is enough for his other most famous character. John Rambo has slit his last throat and fired his last bazooka. I'm actually entirely okay with this, as I think the end of the 2008's four (and final) Rambo is a perfect coda for the series, tying back visually to the very first shot of the very film, 1982's First Blood.

Now, whether Stallone will have any involvement in the "Son of Rambo" Fox TV project announced last month is anyone's guess (sounds terrible, but hey, can't be any worse than this, am I right?). He says he's out, but I'd assume (at least based on his previous history) that that doesn't have to be set in stone. Here are some thoughts from Rambo creator David Morrell on the subject. And while Rambo may be gone, we can definitely look forward to more Rocky very soon -- and you can hear some of my own ideas for what they should do next in the latest MovieFilm Podcast below:

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