Sunday, December 13, 2015

Recommended Reading

Mark Bowden over at Vanity Fair describes his experience spending several hours with Donald Trump back in the '90s for an article. What he describes sure feels like it fits the profile of Trump-ish excess we've become painfully aware of since he entered the current presidential circus:
He was like one of those characters in an 18th-century comedy meant to embody a particular flavor of human folly. Trump struck me as adolescent, hilariously ostentatious, arbitrary, unkind, profane, dishonest, loudly opinionated, and consistently wrong. He remains the most vain man I have ever met. And he was trying to make a good impression. Who could have predicted that those very traits, now on prominent daily display, would turn him into the leading G.O.P. candidate for president of the United States?
What happened during this meeting, you ask? Read the whole thing here.

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