Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: Users Are Losers!

Traditionally I close out my the year's crop of Nostalgia Theater entries by picking some random commercial from my childhood, and here's a spot that got a fair amount of airplay during the '80s campaign to keep kids off drugs (here's another post I did on the subject waaaay back in '07). While the "take a bit out of crime" slogan, with ubiquitous mascot McGruff the Crime Dog front-and-center, was fairly well known, they clearly felt the need to zazz things up a bit, so they roped in singing sensation (?) Regina to join the cartoon dog. It began airing in '87, and was still playing when I was in high school, so at least into the early '90s. To be honest, I think this commercial counts as the biggest hit Regina (last name: Richards) ever had, as three decades later I still find myself humming it. And seeing as how I never started on drugs, I guess that makes me one of the campaign's success stories.

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