Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: I Pity the Fool Who Remembers T and T

With all the Rocky business this week on my blog, some neurons started firing when I wrote about Rocky III and Mr. T, and for the first time in decades I remembered T and T, a short-lived TV vehicle for the one-time Clubber Lang following the cancellation of The A-Team in 1987. Aimed at the syndication market, T and T was produced in Canada and starred T (née Lawrence Tureaud) as T.S. Turner, ex-con turned P.I., who teams with attorney Amy Taler (Alexandra Amini) to solve crimes, beat bad guys, and other other low-budget crime-busting stuff.

Here, watch the intro.

Premiering in fall of '88, it's kind of amazing to me that T and T managed three whole seasons and 65 episodes. For the third year, the show shifted to the Family Channel, which had the effect of rendering the show even more toothless, and Amini exited the show, replaced by actress Kristina Caroll as Amy's sister Terri. Honestly, the only reason I even remember this thing is because they showed episodes late nights in Saudi Arabia -- where abandoned TV shows went to die. For those of you who find the above title sequence intriguing, sorry, there's no home vid release for T and T. Pity.

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