Tuesday, November 03, 2015


At the start of this campaign season, it sure looked like the Republican nomination was Jeb Bush's for the taking. Given sinking poll numbers, a flailing campaign, and the uncharismatic candidate at its center, that presumption seems almost comical in hindsight, especially when we see the Bush brother's hapless attempts reset the narrative.

The latest try at stanching the bleeding (which includes several donors skedaddling) comes via the just-announced campaign slogan "Jeb Can Fix It," which quickly elicited guffaws and mockery from the online commentariat. However, as Heather Digby Parton remembers, there's one instance where Jeb most definitely did "fix it." And not in a good way. Says she:
Anyone old enough to remember that election night, which was 15 years ago today, will remember that the outcome of the electoral college depended on that one state. And what came next is exactly what anyone would have predicted would happen when an election is so close it triggers a recount in a state in which the levers of power and the electoral machinery are run by one of the candidates’ brothers. That candidate was the one who became president.
Honestly, it all feels like yesterday. Read the rest from Parton here.

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