Saturday, October 17, 2015

Zaki's Original Review: A Night at the Roxbury

First published: October 9, 1998
To be fair, A Night at the Roxbury isn't horrible on the level of, say, It's Pat!. But then again, very few films have managed to match that movie's level of jaw-dropping mediocrity (although this summer's The Avengers came pretty close).

On the gradient of movies spun-off of Saturday Night Live, Roxbury falls somewhere above Pat, but far, far below the heights of hilarity achieved by The Blues Brothers and the two Wayne's World films. The movie attempts to weave a yarn around the two dancing guys who've been a mainstay on the series the for the past few seasons.

For those among you not in the know, the sketches follow two club-hopping, head-bopping losers (Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan), usually aided by guest hosts like Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, and Sylvester Stallone, bouncing from night spot to night spot in hopes of gaining the all-important "Score!".

Is this premise entertaining on the small screen? Well, I'll admit that it does have a goofy appeal all its own. Is it strong enough to support a film of its own? No more so than The Coneheads or Stuart Saves His Family were.

Ferrell and Kattan, as the brothers Steve & Doug Butabi, are likable performers, but they're just given too little to work with. Despite cameos from present and former SNL players like Moly Shannon, Colin Quinn, and Mark McKinney, and some comedic turns by former celebs as Loni Anderson and Richard Grieco, there just isn't very much going on that's terribly funny. D+

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