Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Webspinning With Me & Andrew Garfield

Holy crap! I've been blogging for more than ten years now, and I've never once had a story take off across the web like the snippet last Saturday from my chat with Andrew Garfield. When I posted that, it was meant as a "Hey, here's a fun little moment I had!" but the way it's rocketed around the Internet in the past few days, clearly Garfield's "I was never Spider-Man" had far more click-bait value than I realized.

Anyway, I've kept a running tally of some of the sites that have linked to my original piece, and while there are quite a few that didn't bother with things like *ahem* proper credits and/or backlinks, you can sort of tell which are the classy ones based on who did and who didn't. I've posted a list of some of those below. I'm sure there's more, of course, but these are the ones I found thus far:

Blastr: Andrew Garfield looks back on the sad reality of being (and not being) Spider-Man

CinemaBlend: Why Andrew Garfield Failed As Spider-Man, According To Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield: "I Was Never Spider-Man" Andrew Garfield Talks The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise: "I Couldn't Rescue Those Films"

Comic Book Resources: Andrew Garfield Explains Why He Was Never Spider-Man

Cronicas Del Multiverso: Andrew Garfield: "I Was Never Spider-Man"

Digital Spy: Andrew Garfield gets vulnerable talking about Spider-Man: 'I couldn't rescue those films'

Film School Rejects: Spider-Man is Wrong About Why The Amazing Spider-Man Didn't Work

Flickering Myth: Andrew Garfield reflects on being Spider-Man

International Business Times: Andrew Garfield on The Amazing Spider-Man franchise: 'I couldn't rescue those films'

io9: Yet More Evidence That Andrew Garfield Deserved Better as Spider-Man

JoBlo: Andrew Garfield Says He Couldn't Rescue The Amazing Spider-Man Movies

The Mary Sue: Things We Saw Today

MoviePilot: Andrew Garfield Says He 'Was Never Spider-Man'

Pajiba: Andrew Garfield's Recent Spate of Comments About Spider-Man Are Heartbreaking

Screen Rant: Andrew Garfield: ‘I Couldn’t Rescue’ Spider-Man

Spider-Man Crawl Space: Garfield “Couldn’t Rescue” Spidey Films

Unleash the Fanboy: Andrew Garfield Really Didn’t Like The Amazing Spider-Man Movies

Whatever a Spider Can: "I Was Never Spider-Man," Says Andrew Garfield

Yahoo! Movies: Andrew Garfield: Making 'Spider-Man' Was Like 'Canning Coke'

Yahoo! News: Andrew Garfield Reflects On Spider-Man: “I Couldn’t Rescue Those Films”

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