Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: Street Justice Edition

Bryan Genesse and Carl Weathers dispense Street Justice
Street Justice was part of the assembly-line of syndicated action shows that littered weekend afternoon lineups for local stations in the early part of the '90s. Premiering in September of 1991, the series was (and is) perhaps most notable for being the first series vehicle for actor Carl Weathers, the one-time Action Jackson who'd spend the better part of the previous decade bolstering his action bona fides by squaring off with Sylvester Stallone in several Rocky movies, and matching muscles with Arnold Scharzenegger in Predator.

Produced by the late Stephen J. Cannell, Street Justice may have been utterly generic, but its "filmed in Vancouver" aesthetic and by-commitee premise was perfectly suited to the first-run syndication landscape of the era. The gist: Weathers is tough guy soldier-turned-cop Adam Beaudreaux. Every week, he's assisted in his cases by tough guy martial artist-turned-barteneder Grady Jameson (Bryan Genesse). Together they dispense...street justice! Here, watch the intro, and just feel the '90s washing over you:

While the premise (dreamed up by David Levinson, Mark Lisson, and David H. Balkan) was kind of whatever, it tells you something about how much personal cache Weathers carried with action auds that Street Justice got renewed almost entirely on his charisma. Still, even that charisma had its limits, and the show couldn't get past how utterly generic it was otherwise, ending its run in with nary a whimper in May of '93. While all 43 episodes of Street Justice are on DVD, it's been forgotten by the greater audience. Now that's street justice.

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