Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nostalgia Theater Flash-back: 25 Years of the Fastest Man Alive!

John Wesley Shipp as TV's first Flash
The CW's The Flash is weeks away from beginning its much-anticipated second season, and the mere act of returning for year two has already placed it ahead of its predecessor. But lest we forget the Flash's all-important TV legacy (and the Flash is one character who's all about legacy), twenty-five years ago today, basking in the glow from their recent success with Batman on the big screen, DC Comics teamed with CBS-TV to bring their long-running (sorry) character to the small one.

While they'd been around in animated form for awhile, this was the first serious try at bringing any of DC's heroes outside of the Big Three (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) to live action. And while the resultant effort (as developed by Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo) was greeted with critical plaudits and a warm embrace by fandom, its shelf-life would prove short-lived. Click past the jump to read my piece from last year looking at the blazing start and sudden stop of TV's first Flash series!

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