Thursday, September 03, 2015

New Book!

The Sequart anthology Sacred Scrolls: Comics on the Planet of the Apes just came out a few weeks ago, and it's already time to start hyping up the next book featuring a contribution by Yours Truly! This one is edited by the same titanic tag-team of Rich Handley and Joe Berenato, but takes a swerve from Apes arcana to dive headlong into the most popular sci-fi franchise in history: Star Wars!

The book is A Long Time Ago: Exploring the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, and as the title implies, it examines the multitudes of screen depictions of George Lucas's far, far, away galaxy. My chapter zeroes in on the much-maligned prequels, and in a bit of a challenge to myself, I tried to cut through the crap and see if there was something in them worth recommending. I think I found it, but you can decide how well I've made the case when A Long Time Ago hits shortly.

Take a gander at Kevin Colden's cover below, and for more on the book, jump over to Sequart.

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