Friday, September 18, 2015

Hating Superman

As a lifelong Superman man, one thing that never fails to irk me is when the character is written off as lame or one-dimensional or whatnot. We're kind of seeing that happening (at least implicitly) with the upcoming Batman v. Superman, which was meant to serve as a sequel to Man of Steel, but felt the need to add Batman in there to up the "cool" factor. Because, y'know, we just can't count on boring Big Blue to do the job himself. None of that is true, of course, and as I've talked about previously, his long history is an indication of the many ways the Superman myth can be interpreted and reinterpreted. So why the hate? Well, as this fun vid from Alex Schmidt at Cracked makes clear, when we're hating on Superman, we're really hating ourselves. Think about it.

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