Friday, September 04, 2015

Colbert Dings Jeb!

Stephen Colbert is set to make his debut as host of The Late Show this Monday, and while I'm excited to check it out, I'm in a bit of a frustrating situation because I don't have cable, and CBS shows aren't on Hulu. As such I'm going to have to wait until snippets hit YouTube before I can check them out. (Seriously. First World Problems.) That said, with Jon Stewart gone, and Trevor Noah still an unknown quantity, I'm kind of looking forward to Colbert's return to late night.

Not to say I expect him to do engage in the same merciless mockery he engaged in while serving as ringmaster of The Colbert Report for ten years, but I do think there's a void of the kind of witty snark that both Letterman and Colbert excel at. As my friend Jeff Connell put it, "I do enjoy Jimmy Fallon. But after a year or so of endless lip syncing contests and 80s nostalgia, I welcome The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to bring some much needed humor with substance to the frat boy late night arena."

I couldn't agree more. And to illustrate that point, here's a web vid where Stephen takes one of his first guests to task. Very funny stuff. If this is the kind of stuff we can expect, I'm already onboard. Enjoy:

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