Thursday, August 13, 2015

Taibbi on GOP Clown Car

While there is a certain car-wreck fascination in watching Donald Trump continue to rise in the GOP standings no matter how offensive or egregious he manages to be, the worrisome thing to consider if you're not part of the red meat Republican base is that there isn't really a "sensible" alternative to Trump if/when he self-destructs (which, by the way, doesn't look to be happening anytime soon). With more than fifteen candidates in the clown car actively vying for the nomination, that's a pretty sad commentary on the state of the modern day GOP. Matt Taibbi came to this same realization after observing several of the campaigns up close. There's so much good stuff in his lengthy write-up that it would be a disservice to quote a capsule, so just jump over to Rolling Stone and read the whole thing.

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