Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Recommended Reading

While Donald Trump is currently riding high in the polls, I remain skeptical that he'll actually walk away with the Republican nomination when all is said and done (though I don't rule anything out, of course). Regardless, whether he's the nominee or not, there's a trail of unrest he's fomenting that he's going to be saddling the GOP with -- and by extension national political discourse right with it. Evan Osnos at The New Yorker dives deep into the Trump phenom and arrives at some very conclusion. From his piece:
When Trump leaped to the head of the Republican field, he delivered the appearance of legitimacy to a moral vision once confined to the fevered fringe, elevating fantasies from the message boards and campgrounds to the center stage of American life. In doing so, he pulled America into a current that is coursing through other Western democracies—Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Scandinavia—where xenophobic, nationalist parties have emerged since the 2008 economic crisis to besiege middle-ground politicians. In country after country, voters beset by inequality and scarcity have reached past the sober promises of the center-left and the center-right to the spectre of a transcendent solution, no matter how cruel.
There's a lot more from Osnos at this link, and all of it is worth a read.

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