Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recommended Reading

Last night saw the announcement of a long-in-coming deal between the United States and its allies and Iran, aimed at curbing the latter's nuclear programs. This accord received its share of brickbats even while it was being negotiated, including a much-publicized hissy fit by freshman senator Tom Cotton a few months ago. Now that an agreement has been reached, it's not like the volume has subsided, but as Peter Beinart explains, opposition to it is more about what isn't rather than what is. More specifically...
When critics focus incessantly on the gap between the present deal and a perfect one, what they’re really doing is blaming Obama for the fact that the United States is not omnipotent. This isn’t surprising given that American omnipotence is the guiding assumption behind contemporary Republican foreign policy. Ask any GOP presidential candidate except Rand Paul what they propose doing about any global hotspot and their answer is the same: be tougher. America must take a harder line against Iran’s nuclear program, against ISIS, against Bashar al-Assad, against Russian intervention in Ukraine and against Chinese ambitions in the South China Sea.
Read the rest of Beinart's lengthy, excellent analysis here.

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