Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: What Was the Point of Pointman?

Last week's post on the long-lived and entirely terrible Renegade got me thinking about another syndicated series from that same era that felt just as arbitrary, and seemingly had even less of a reason to exist than the Lorenzo Lamas actioner. I'm talking about Pointman, which starred Jack Scalia as, uh, a pointman, I guess.

Part of the "Primetime Entertainment Network" package that previously birthed Time Trax and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Pointman started with a pilot movie in January of '94, with the series-proper beginning the following January. Here's the intro, which includes some of that handy-dandy voiceover exposition (with music by Mike Post):

Created by Steve Hattman, Maurice Hurley, and Eric Wise, it's basically The Equalizer, only sanitized and boring for the '90s. I remember the promo campaign at the time hyping Jack Scalia's presence in the cast, playing Wall St. trader turned anti-hero Connie Harper, as if it was some big coup, but to be honest I'd never heard of him before, and I haven't really seen him in anything noteworthy since.

And Scalia was fine, mind you. He did everything the show asked of him. It's just that the show didn't really ask him to do much. As supervised by Joel Surnow (who would go on to create 24 at the start of the next decade), Pointman wasn't bad, necessarily, but it wasn't particularly good either. It was strictly assembly line fare at its most innocuous. Halfway through its twenty-two episodes, they switched up the intro to this:

I have to admit, I do prefer that second theme song in a "Yeah, we know it's cheesy" kind of way, and I may or may not have it in my iTunes library. Regardless, it didn't do much to turn the tide of initial apathy. Clearly the audience that had turned Renegade's Reno Raines into a five-season wonder just couldn't be bothered to give Connie Harper more than twenty-two episodes. By the end of '95, it was gone. Pointman? More like Pointless.

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