Sunday, July 05, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: Back to the Future Happy Meals!

Five years ago in this space I marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of movie classic Back to the Future by looking back at the animated series based on the beloved movie trilogy. Back then it sure looked like an official home video release for the cartoon show was in the offing, but sadly no such release has materialized in the intervening half-decade.

Regardless, with this past Friday being thirty years to the day that the Robert Zemeckis film made its theatrical debut, I was looking for a way to celebrate the momentous occasion here in Nostalgia Theater, and stumbled on the TV spot below for the McDonald's 1992 Happy Meals tying in with the aforementioned animated incarnation (with voiceover by TV's Doc Brown, Dan Castellaneta).

This was when the cartoon was already winding down its two-season run, which certainly speaks to the brand's continued appeal even at a low point. Amazingly enough, despite the enduring appeal of the franchise for three decades now, up until just this year these were the only action figures that had ever been produced for it. Seems to me that's a wrong that desperately needs righting.

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