Friday, July 10, 2015


To look at some of the breathless headlines out there, you'd think we're mere days away from Donald Trump being crowned Emperor of the United States. Sure, the current polls show Trump as the leader among the prospective GOP presidential contenders, but there's a whole lot of room between briefly leading in the polls and actually winning the nomination, much less the presidency.

If you doubt me, just ask Herman Cain, Michele Bachman, and Newt Gingrich how their first term as president went. That said, Trump is clearly finding some kind of receptivity with his nutbar anti-immigrant nonsense, and the fact that he's been able to take on so much oxygen from the GOP base is certainly an indication of where that party currently finds itself. Says Heather Digby Parton:
The bloviating billionaire has capitalized on the the xenophobia of the Republicans’ conservative base, effectively becoming the standard bearer for right-wing nativism in much the same way he was became the standard bearer for birtherism in 2011. By dismissing Trump, and the ignoring the reasons for his popularity, these members of the press have effectively identified those sentiments as irrelevant. But just a quick scan at the right-wing media’s reaction to Trump, eagerly validating his racist demagoguery at every turn, shows you just how effectively Trump is leveraged the conservative id to his own advantage, and why that really does matter.
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