Monday, July 13, 2015

First Trailer: Will Smith Leads Suicide Squad

In addition to the Batman v. Superman trailer, another upcoming DC Comics adaptation that had some footage screened over the weekend was the David Ayer-directed jam pic Suicide Squad, which has Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, and a host of others giving life to DC's darker side. The titular squad is a group of ne'er-do-wells recruited to either earn their pardons or die trying, and the mere existence of this flick is a clear indication of how far Warner Bros. is willing to go to shine the spotlight on the entirety of the DC lineup. After all, it's easy to get folks to show up to a movie that promises the two biggest superheroes of all squaring off. But this? Tougher sell, even with Smith leading the cast.

Anyway, a pirated version of the trailer hit the web over the weekend, but I figured I'd wait for an official release. And Warners, having failed to squelch the leak, cried uncle and dropped the HD version this afternoon, which you can check out below. The concept has been kicking around the comics since forever, but the version this one is based on is a terrific '80s-'90s series written by John Ostrander. Most notable as far as this movie version goes is the first ever live action appearance of fan favorite Batman baddie Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, as well as the DC movie universe's debut of the Joker, embodied by Jared Leto, who takes over from the late Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning turn.

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