Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Creating Ramadan Traditions

Note: What follows is part of a series appearing over at Altmuslim entitled #30Days30Writers, an initiative that's meant to showcase perspectives from across the American Muslim spectrum, reflecting on the holy month of Ramadan (which we're currently in the midst of) and its role in their lives. My contribution is below, but please do be sure to check out the rest of the essays, all of which are terrific, and many of which are written by friends.

It was the evening of June 17. The new moon was upon us, bringing in Ramadan right along with it. It was here. Go time. And no, I don’t mean Taraweeh prayer (although that happened too). Rather, I mean what happened later that night, after everyone else in the house had fallen fast asleep. Unbeknownst to me or our kids, my wife swung into action like the superhero that she is. She’d been planning this for weeks. Decorating. Decorating.

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